Happy Body Fitness

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Logo, identity and website design and front-end/WordPress development

Happy Body Fitness is a personal training company set up by Dwayne Rattray, specialising in weight management, nutrition coaching and yoga.

The first phase was to establish a dynamic new branding to help Dwayne stand out from the crowd.

Using a punctuation mark to represent a personal experience while also cheekily celebrating ‘biceps’, I developed a bold, vibrant and colourful brand that perfectly captured Dwayne’s personality.

The second phase was to roll out the new branding across stationery, uniform and web.

The website needed to be dynamic, powerful and motivational. One of the key goals of the website was to offer a sense of vibrancy and energy through the use of colour and fitness-oriented imagery. I designed a sleek yet bold innovative website with clear calls to action.

Fully responsive all the way down to mobile, the website is also fully content-managed via WordPress CMS, allowing Dwayne full control over his content.