Art direction, design and creation of vector illustrations/icons and front-end web development of home page banner

Qivox is a cloud based technology company offering multi-channel communications on a software-as-a-service basis to the banking, retail, insurance and utilities sector.

With a large portfolio of products and apps catering for various sectors, Qivox approached me to develop a concept and art direction that would aid them in marketing their solutions and services.

Qivox knew that they wanted to follow a more illustrative approach and it was obvious to me that the illustrations should then feature clouds since they were a cloud technology company. Then another thought came into my head – in most cities, you’ll find cluster of retail units, energy plants and possibly financial districts as well. It was then that the Qivox city concept was born.

Qivox website banner design

Interactive banner designed for Qivox's website

Qivox solution vector illustrations

Qivox's services/solutions illustrations. From top left: dept collection, survey, broadcasting and anti-fraud security

Qivox sector vector illustrations

Qivox sector illustrations. From top left: banking, utilities, retail and insurance

Qivox DCA in a box illustration

Illustration design for Qivox's all-in-one templated solution package

Qivox icon set

Qivox icon set